Vueltita Sierra Hidalgo

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2023 / cycling / Hidalgo / Mexico / ride journal / summer / vuelta
July 2023, La Sierra Madre Oriental, Meztitlán, Hidalgo, Mexico

It is July in Mexico, and my partner Poli and I are taking the first steps towards learning more about La Sierra Madre Oriental, specifically, La Sierra de Hidalgo.

Like many things here, word of mouth is the best source of information regarding routes, conditions, and most importantly: safety. There is very little documentation in general, and often times, maps of la sierra and volcanos don’t show caminos connecting, or even existing at all.

Poli pointing to the climb we realize we’re headed to in the distance

Finding thorough information is an adventure in in itself, especially en La Sierra. A fragmented web of circles: local riders young and old, a mix of cycling clubs, and señoras y señores de los pueblos you travel through. It’s a game of finding out who has passed through before (or not), digging through heatmaps, existing GPS tracks, and a lot of satellite view.

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Silk Road Reflections

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2019 / Kyrgyzstan / summer / The Silk Road Mountain Race / Travel

It has been a few days now since I have been off the route of the Silk Road Mountain Race. I’ve been wrestling with myself about how to properly articulate my experience with this endeavour.

To begin with, this is by far the most extreme challenge I have ever faced. It has pushed my mental and physical capabilities beyond limits I thought possible. The ride has left me completely empty, eager to be filled with the insight of being rung completely dry. I have learned much in the past couple weeks.


To begin with, I will never take for granted my life that I have back home in New York again after spending time here. I miss smells of the trees and familiar lush greenery. Seemingly simple or even mundane aspects of my life, I now lust for like never before as I sit in my guesthouse in Karakol, near lake Issyk-Kul.


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First days of SRMR and an unfortunate outcome

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Kyrgyzstan / summer / The Silk Road Mountain Race / Travel


To say last 3 days have been a whirlwind would be an understatement. I’ve been through an immense variety of severe environmental conditons, physical hardships, and emotional states…

I was forced to scratch far earlier than I imagined from the Silk Road Mountain Race. In the end, it was a combination of things that led to my early withdrawal from the race. I was suffering from minor altitude sickness early on, but I was not going to let this stop me, i pushed thru. Read More

First Impression of the Tian Shan and One day til the Grand Depart

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2019 / Kyrgyzstan / The Silk Road Mountain Race / Travel

The last couple days have been eye opening. Tai and I went on an overnight into the mountains to acclimatize (minimally at least) and shake out our legs and gear a bit. We chose a nearby location named Chomkorchak, maybe 30k or so south of Bishkek and only get up to 2500-ish meters.


Let me first say that the mountains here are just massive. You see the peaks at a distance and their prominance is just enormous. You’ll be looking at a high peak towering above the rest, awetruck, and then another even bigger snow capped triangular peak (like something out of a dream) will reveal itself from it’s cloud sheath. Tomorrow we will summit Kegety pass that will tip the scale at just over 13,000 feet over 28 miles…

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How to follow along with The Silk Road Mountain Race 2019

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The start of the Silk Road Mountain Race is within a few days here in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. I am up at 6am feeling like a million bucks after finally getting a good night sleep. My body doesn’t quite know what time it is after traveling for 30+? hours, and New York City is 10 hours behind. The future is pretty cool.

The Grand depart will take place Saturday August 17th and 9am local time (GMT+6) from Bishkek l, Kyrgyzstan.

There are a multitude of avenues to follow along with The Silk Road Mountain Race. A few are outlined below, along with a few additional links.

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The Silk Road Mountain Race, Kyrgyzstan 2019

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2019 / Kyrgyzstan / Kyrgyzstan / The Silk Road Mountain Race


Tian Shan Mountains

I am within two weeks of embarking on the biggest boundary-pushing adventure so far in my lifetime. I am participating in the @silkroadmountainrace – a self-supported off-road ultra-endurance bikepacking race in high altitude mountain wilderness in the Tian Shan mountains of Kyrgyzstan. Tian Shan loosely means ‘the heavenly mountains’ or the ‘celestial range’. There is no doubt in my mind that this event is going to push every fiber of my existence to it’s limit; physically, mentally, existentially… and that on the other side of this experience I will be a different human being.

Preparation thus far has been challenging, testing my perservearance as things do not go to plan – but such is the nature of something of this magnitude. All is well, an I am beginning to feel ready. This type of endeavor requires extreme mental fortitude, which I know as a matter of fact, deep down inside of myself, I have the ability to do this – and do so with fierce grace.
I am partnering with my friend Tai, from Melbourne, Australia by way of Hong Kong. I couldn’t be happier to have his expert company for this adventure.

The race is presented by @pedaledjapan, who is graciously making it possible for me to travel across the globe and then some. I am indebted to you and deeply thankful for the opportunity to get this ball rolling in my life. Their cycling apparel is top notch, which I have been enjoying this season. I have always craved the big mountains, and now they beckon; I am here to answer.
This year, I have morphed into someone who rides longer and stronger, not necesarilly faster. It feels good. I feel good. I have been more stressed with preparation and delays than I thought humanly possible. I am finally getting close.

There has been a small army of individuals that have been supporting me in my preparation. Carlos @darkmoonfabworks for your dedication and hard work in my steed. Amir and Phil, queens homies coming thru with the tech. My mother for her neverending support in every and any thing I do, no matter how crazy. My partner Vicki, for being there for me, always, every step of the way. @joecruzpedaling for taking the time to meet with me, and inspire us all.

Excitement and awe is beginning to seep thru my stresses surrounding the race. The list goes on for who has offered me insight, assistance, inspiration, and support. You know who you are. This is going to be good. Stay tuned for a breakdown of my loaded bike and all of my gear soon. Also be sure to follow @silkroadmountainrace and keep up to date with the race with their podcast and more. Thank you to Nelson Trees. Grand Depart from Bishkek is Saturday August 17th. #srmrcapno212 #srmr2019


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Exhibition Opening Saturday October 7th 2017 7-10PM

110 Troutman Street Brooklyn NY 11206


An immersive experience ascending two downtown Manhattan skyscrapers. Both buildings once had observatories for the public to experience. Photographs will be printed near life size and enlarged from silver gelatin prints. Perspective and relative scale will get you as close to the visceral feeling of ascending the building yourself.

You will be able to pick up an exhibition book the day of the show. It will catalog both buildings featured with scans directly from the silver gelatin prints used for the show. The book will also lend information about the history and importance of the skyscrapers in their place in time to New York City, and the World.  “Look up and Live” will be on View Thru November 2017.

or on facebook:

Look Up and Live A1 Web